Mac vs windows pros and cons

Better sync with Apple products: If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You can never find a computer that syncs better with your iDevices than a MacBook.

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Macs are perhaps too expensive than their worth. Though some Windows PC are increasingly outdoing Mac in the price departments. Most productivity software on Mac are primarily designed for Windows: They simply are not gaming computers: Using a Mac seems complicated at first: Users coming from history of using Windows computer will struggle navigating their way around the macOS.

They will need some patience to get familiar with how to use a Mac.

Mac vs. Windows: Your Best Arguments

Available at various price ranges: Perhaps the best thing about Windows PCs is that they come in all shapes and sizes; more importantly at various prince ranges. That is because they come from various manufacturers meaning there is competition. And with competition, the end consumers will be spoilt for choice in terms of functionality and different price points.

Unlike a Mac which comes in limited models and at fixed price points. Gaming Rigs: If you like to play video games, no Mac will give you the processing power, RAM space, storage, ports, and displays among other things to meet the demand of high-end gaming.

Mac Vs. PC Pros and Cons

They come in different shapes and sizes: Windows PC are available in various configurations; processors, RAM, storage, displays, and ports among other things. Superior Hardware at Competitive Price points: When you critically think about it, Mac users are paying way higher cost for a comparatively lower specs hardware.

Windows PCs often come with superior hardware at very competitive prices.

Accessories easier to find: If your Windows PC gets spoiled, you can walk into your nearest computer repair shop and have all the accessories being sold under one roof. If it is a Mac, you might only have the option of taking your spoiled computer to an Apple Store. Easy to Upgrade, Reconfigure, and Refurbish: To the tech savvy users who like tinkering with their equipment, the option of upgrading, reconfiguring, and refurbishing your own computer makes Windows PC much more appealing than a Mac.

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More Software options compared to Mac: There are more software programs being produced for Windows PCs compared to Macs. Better backwards compatibility: It is not uncommon to get a 10 year old, or 15 year old PC running the latest version of Windows without significant problems. These days there are Windows PC with price tags that easily out runs those of high-end Macs.

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