Mac keyboard not responding after cleaning

Did you let the alcohol evaporate properly before putting it back together and connecting it? Also i assume you used a proper rubbing alcohol instead of cheap vodka: Sounds like the keyboard might have been short-circuited when you used it the first time, maybe by some moisture left inside, and now when it's properly dried it works fine.

The shorting might have destroyed your front USB hub it's a hub, but it's located on-board at your mobo: Cleaning with alcohol is fine and all but it you poured it all over the keyboard while working it has been damaged, if not yoi need to dry it. You may need to dry it, if you've used a lot.

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If your oven goes as low as 50C then a couple of hours would definitely dry it off. Do not put it in your oven if it does not go as low as 50 other wise you will melt it, plastic starts to soften at 55C. Other than that, split it right down and open the thin plastic film layers, the chances are there is alcohol trapped between them and with out heat or direct air contact it will never evaporate. There is also the possibility that you've killed it.

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Any liquid trapped in the keyboard could have caused a short when it was plugged back in. Believe it or not you can actually fully wet wash all electronics, the secret is in the drying afterwards. You should never apply alcohol or anything wet directly to a keyboard that's plugged in. If you want to do more than just remove dust from between the keys, you should always unplug your keyboard first and then gently remove each individual key from the keyboard.

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Once removed, clean them individual with a little soap and water and let them dry thoroughly before inserting them back in the keyboard. While the keys are removed, use duster to remove dust, food, or other crap from between the key holders.

Please Log In to post. Is it permanantly damaged and how so? Give it a aspirin or 2. You should've just gone and buy damn dust cleaner. Oh well ill need to buy myself a new gaming keyboard with backlight etc now, damn hehe. Your keyboard is just drunk.

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Pour some Gatorade on it for the time being. P Sounds like the keyboard might have been short-circuited when you used it the first time, maybe by some moisture left inside, and now when it's properly dried it works fine. PredatorRules Follow Forum Posts: Well 10 years of white keyboard is not white anymore - it becomes yellow. To check for updates, open the App Store and click on the Updates icon. If updates are available, click on the Update or Update All button to install them.

Is the problem a recent one? Has it occurred only after downloading a new app? Try deleting recent apps to see if the keyboard regains proper function.

Keyboard keys don't work after cleaning

Traces of the app can be left behind in files. The trackpad on MacBook is one of the best around and it works brilliantly with macOS… When it actually is working, that is. If a failure to register clicks is the problem for the trackpad not working on your Mac, you can disable Force Click. How you do this depends on whether or not your MacBook has a detachable battery. If both the keyboard and trackpad are not working, your MacBook is nothing more than a monitor, albeit a very pretty one. You can use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse or keyboard, but if you wanted to do that you could have just bought an iMac instead.

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Property List plist files are used to store user preference files related to software. Deleting them will reset your keyboard and trackpad back to factory settings.

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Before you go ahead and do this, you should backup your Mac using the Time Machine in case anything goes wrong. If problems with the keyboard and trackpad have recently appeared you can restore your Mac to a previous date using the Time Machine.