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Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World on Steam

Start selling now! Things really heat up when the World Congress begins to meet and vote on global proposals.

These proposals can confer bonuses or penalties on different civilizations: Given the disparate ways these measures can help you or your rivals, the World Congress becomes the setting for increasingly high-stakes diplomacy. This was partially because the AI is terrible at forming voting coalitions.

Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Brave New World (Mac)

I was forced to conspire with my closest ally and religious kindred, the Turks to gank him. I launched a decapitation strike at his capital while the Turks wiped out his colonies, and the Aztecs joined in a pile-on. I captured his capital and seized the host-rights for the World Congress, averting his diplomatic victory and opening the door to my own cultural triumph after I wiped out Siam, of course. Espionage may never be my favorite mechanic, but with the World Congress, spies now have an immensely important role.

They can subvert city-states to your cause and away from another player, or they can journey to foreign capitals as diplomats who can let you make bargains over World Congress votes. Religion, too, is more closely tied to every other aspect of the game. There are so many new ways to get bonuses and abilities from Ideologies and from Congress votes that, at last, the endgame no longer feels like a slog toward inevitability. Late-game strategic switches are hard, but far from impossible.

If anything, Civ V: Before its expansions, Civ V hinged on committing early to a victory condition, then using your civ bonuses, units, and buildings to get there.

The trade-off for this was a great deal more constraint in gameplay. Brave New World lifts a lot of those constraints, which makes for a more dynamic late-game but also slightly diminishes the special character of each individual civ, despite the addition of nine new ones.

Between Religion, Ideology, and Congressional acts, there are almost always a few options available for eliminating your weaknesses and playing-up your strengths.

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Brave New World is the rare case of a title delivering exactly what it promises. Review by Rob Zacny. Civilization V: Brave New World. More From The Walking Dead: Mac PC.