Mac mouse tracking not fast enough

Thanks for pointing that out Geo. I have updated the instructions to first read what the setting is before changing it. Thanks a lot Tyler, this is exactly what I need. I changed the speed for both trackpad and mouse. But I have problems to keep this setting. It works perfectly and then it just goes back to 3 again.. Great tip. It now works the way I want it. It was driving me nuts.

Good to see others had the same problem too. I just got a new IMac and I was considering returning it because I am unhappy with the font size in the email and the mouse speed. Is there any way to also increase the size of words and numbers on the Internet or make them the same size one every page? I tried adjusting the resolution and size but everything would look good on one page but lousy on another page. Everything will either spread out too much or look like parts of the numbers or letters are clumped up.

Will installing Windows have any effect?

An Easy Fix for a Magic Mouse Tracking Problem

Thanks a lot! It works like a charm on a OS X Thanks for a nice tip. Clearly, the Mac is not made for people who use primarily word processors. Is there a way to fix typing speed similar to this mouse speed trick? Just bought a new iMac 2 weeks ago, first time I have Mac though. Stressed about magic mouse, really slow in my opinion. I set for Is there anything I can do?


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  • Speed up Mouse Tracking on Mac OS X – Tyler Nichols.
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Come on, really? Gots news for you Apple: This is exactly what I have been looking for!!!! I have tried MagicPrefs and other apps to boost the tracking speed and nothing comes close to my personal preference I really like the tracking high.

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It appears that if you open the mouse settings in system prefs or mess with MagicPrefs I recommend this tool if you use a Magic Mouse , the scaling reverts back to the default which is 3 in my instance. I just had to open the terminal window again and reset my scaling to my desired speed.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? One workaround is to not open either the mouse or MagicPrefs I guess. Thanks for the tip, Tyler. I am a new Mac user and this is something hard for me to adjust to.

Speed up Mouse Tracking on Mac OS X

Glad there is a way to change it. Hi Tyler, Thank you too but the mouse speed getting fast after I logged in but before I logged my mouse as a dead.

Adjust mouse acceleration on a mac

It works very slowly. Made sure I entered correctly but same message. Any ideas?

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This definitly made my day!! Worked without restarting the computer! I upgraded my tracking speed from a maximum of 3. Magic Mouse tracking speed More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

macOS Sierra: Increase mouse cursor speed beyond System Preferences maximum - Ask Different

User profile for user: ElieHarriett ElieHarriett. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I love the mouse. It is everything I've wanted in a computer mouse except for one thing: Winterflags Winterflags 2, 10 42 David David 2 Amit Kulkarni Amit Kulkarni 9. First, is by executing the command-line: Therefore if you wanted to increase your speed to 8 acceleration you would type in the terminal the following command: Second, is to use an app called mousezoom. It gets installed in preferences pane. Nimesh Neema DanRan DanRan 6. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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