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I could press Stop again, get the same dialog box, etc. Once I let it go as long as an hour after I said Stop and finally decided there was no choice but to force-quit the program. If all manuals were this useful, I would very likely be in the habit of reading them. If I had, I would have learned about an advanced option, which would have been extremely useful in my particular situation: The entire failing drive gets read only once instead of multiple times to scan and then to recover files.

You can either completely overwrite the target drive with data from the source drive destroying all data already on the target drive , or you can manually: I used Disk Utility create a sufficiently large disk image and use that image as the target drive thereby not destroying other data on your second hard drive.

It would be nice if Data Rescue II could offer to create the disk image for you instead of making you step outside the program to create one yourself. When I started the operation, I was told it would take Half an hour later, that time had increased to 2, The time neither increased nor decreased after that, and eventually I hit Stop. It took a minute, but the operation did stop.

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Attempts to mount the cloned disk image in the Finder failed, but Data Rescue II was able to scan it. As with the original drive, Quick Scan failed, and a Thorough Scan was required. It took about an hour to do a Thorough Scan of the 80 GB cloned disk; it found, as expected, very few files extremely little progress had been made when I gave up on the cloning process.

So you see why cloning is such a brilliant idea: If you do a Thorough Scan of the drive, it might die in the middle of the scan, and then you recover zero files. But if the drive dies in the middle of a clone, you can still do a Thorough Scan on however much of the clone as Data Rescue II was able to complete, and then rescue some of your data. Still, better than nothing.

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You can do a Thorough Scan of your drive without buying the program: Then, having learned the hard way, make sure you back them up. Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. Download ATPM Software Review by Paul Fatula, pfatula atpm. Prosoft Engineering Price: I find TechTool Pro's "pile on the eye candy and go light on the genuine volume recovery capability" approach frustrating. It's not a great idea to continue to write to a drive that's tending to throw out one's work: From the manual and online information about Data Rescue II, it really seems to have no more capability and perhaps less, other than the critical ability to recognise a wide variety of modern file types than our old reliable Norton Utilities that ran in various incarnations on OS 7.

Let's all hope that ProSoft is dedicated to making it so. After exhausting all other options, we were thrilled to find Data Rescue II and give that a try after having our hard drive completely crash. We ran it and it did, in fact, recover many, many files. My problem now is that the files are not openable. Any ideas? My guess is that those were files DRII wasn't able to fully rescue If the files you're talking about have size There'll be a lot of gibberish, but for Word documents, you'll be able to see the text of the document though the formatting will be lost.

The drive stopped showing up on my desktop, and hasn't mounted since. Data Rescue II has recognized the drive and currently is scanning. I started it on Saturday around 1: This morning it had an estimated time was over 20 hours.

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Today being Tuesday. As long as it works, I can wait. But, I forgot to change the individual file recovery size from Mb. With this in mind, does anyone know if this is a problem, seeing that I haven't recovered anything yet? I'm just scanning right now. Will I be able to chose my file size preferences after scanning? Josh M. The other useful thing about cloning the drive is that you can make a clone in the case of an accidentally erased volume and return the computer to the user with a new OS etc This will allow you to recover files from the clone while the user is able to do their job function.

Should I repeat myself or should I install it on another computer. Buy it and buy another one for a friend. So here's the situation, i rebooted my mac after a dreadfull bootcam instalation which ended with the complete wipe of my data, so now that i finally rebooted my mac with the help of the shop I'm trying to use data rescue, once i scan and i choose which folders I want to recover where can I find them and how can I open them and How can I have them back? Please help me I. I do recovery as a sideline. There are better cheaper tools.

Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue review, manual and guides

Try the free linux tools I have had better results using DiskWarrior and mounting the preview partition then using ASR to make a clone of the drive. This does not always work but I can only tell you what I have seen through trials. In addition on one occasion when I actually got files back, I had to go through a folder picking stuff one by one. In our evaluation, Data Rescue PC4 stands at the top of the class when it comes to do-it-yourself data recovery options.

What Is Prosoft Data Rescue?

Thanks for reading! Have your own take on Data Rescue? I have tried it and could not recover a single image with the Prosoft Rescue 5. I have a Prosoft Rescue 2 version, which is no longer supported, and I could recover some new files. Could not recognize RAF files both being raw files. Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue Review. By Joseph Gildred ā€” Last Updated: Go to Stellar Data Recovery. Windows, Mac.

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Quick Scan. Deep Scan. Sort by File Type. Scan by File Type. Full Hard-Drive Scan. Corrupted Partition Recovery. Deleted Partition Recovery. Bootable USB Device. Recovery CD. External Drive Recovery. Removable Media Recovery. SD Card Recovery. Optical Storage Recovery.

Data Rescue 5 Review: Most Reliable Way to Recover Lost Files?

We tested both processes during our review. Full Hard Drive Scan If you find yourself trying to recover a lost partition, choose to scan the entire hard drive rather than a specific partition when you start the Data Rescue wizard. Here are our results: Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Compare with other alternatives: Compare CleverFiles Disk Drill. Compare Wondershare Data Recovery. Compare Ontrack EasyRecovery. Compare Piriform Recuva Pro. Compare GetDataBack Simple.

Data Rescue - Analysis

Compare Remo Recover. A technophile with a love for words, Joseph Gildred utilizes his degree in comparative literature and background as an information technology analyst to ponder the future of human ingenuity. Not one to sit still for too long, Joseph joined the team because cloud technology and hopping from place to place go hand in hand. He has roots in Belgrade, Maine. Last articles: Stellar Data Recovery Basic file recovery. No RAW Recovery. Recovery Process. Customer Support. Compare Stellar Data Recovery. Data Recovery Wizard Technician for Windows Windows recovery with unlimited usage; free lifetime upgrade.

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Runs on computer. Stellar Data Recovery Professional Basic file recovery.