Restore system to previous date mac

How to Restore Mac to the Earlier Date?

Fortunately, you start fresh without spending the money. Windows computer users have System Restore [2] feature that allows reverting computer to the previous date. However, Mac OS X users can take advantage of this feature as well. Thus, if you want to speed up your beloved PC, read further to learn more how to perform this task. Often Mac or Windows computers become sluggish due to various cyber infections: However, not only viruses or malicious programs can cause system slowdowns.

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Even if you are responsible computer users, everyday tasks still diminish Mac performance. Thus, system restore can help to start fresh and enjoy your PC like the first day you got it from the Apple store. Mac restore requires setting up a Time Capsule and using Time Machine.

How to Restore Mac to the Earlier Date?

It allows creating data backups and restoring them. You can perform this task either manually or automatically. However, you will need to use an external drive and connect it to your computer. However, if you cannot perform this task due to some computer-related problems or virus infection, you will need to repair the hard disk or reinstall the operating system.

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Once you connect your external storage device to the computer, you should receive a prompt saying: You should choose Use a Backup Disk option to start the process. After a while, your Time Capsule will be configured, and you will be able to restore Mac. However, in some cases, Mac does not deliver previously mentioned pop-up. For this reason, you cannot set up Time Capsule automatically. For this reason, you have to do it manually by following these steps: Mac Time Machine feature. Wait until backup process is over. Indeed, it might take some time if your Mac is full of documents, video files, image and other data.

Thus, you have to be patient!

How to Restore Mac to a Previous Date

Time Capsule creates backups every single day. Thus, once you set it up, it automatically creates backups for the previous 24 hours.

How to restore your computer to an earlier date and adjust your system restore points

Restoring to a point before the app was installed, however, can often clear up the problem. System Restore is different than making backups—it specifically works on the underlying Windows system, rather than everything on your hard drive. It also will not delete or replace any of your personal files when you perform a restoration. You should always have a good backup procedure in place for all your personal files. Apps that you uninstalled after making that restore point will get restored, but with a very big caveat.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough? System Restore is not a good solution for removing viruses or other malware.

Instead, you should rely on a quality virus scanner that you keep up to date. For many people, System Restore protection is turned on by default for your main system drive C: For others, System Restore is not enabled by default for any drives. It does not appear related to whether Windows was installed fresh or upgraded, how much disk space you have available, what type of drives you have, or anything else we can figure out.

If you want to be protected by System Restore, you should absolutely turn it on for at least your system drive.

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  • How to Enable System Restore.

If you want to turn on System Restore protection for other drives—say, for example, you install some programs to a different drive—you can do that too. In our case, System Restore was already enabled for our C: Just be aware that when Windows creates a restore point or you create one manually , System Restore will create a restore point on all the drives that have system protection enabled.

As we mentioned earlier, System Restore automatically creates restore points on a week, and whenever a major event like an application or driver installation happens. You can also create a restore point yourself whenever you want. Then, one fateful day, the inevitable happens—something goes wonky with your system, and you want to restore to an earlier restore point. The welcome page of the System Restore wizard just gives you a brief description of the process. The next page shows you the available restore points. System Restore will present you with two lists. The top list shows you programs and drivers that will be deleted if you restore Windows to the selected restore point.

The bottom list shows programs and drivers that might be restored by the process. System Restore informs you that once it starts, the restore process cannot be interrupted. Windows will restart your PC and begin the restore process.